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  • Calvia, Mallorca, España
  • (+34) 678 780 005 - (+34) 691 241 417
  • Todos los días de 9:00h - 21:00h
  • Calvia, Mallorca, España
  • (+34) 678 780 005 - (+34) 691 241 417
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Our company is specialized in renting boats in Mallorca to international tourists who are looking for a different experience, and with whom you can do nautical excursions around the island.
The boats that puts Need a Boat at your disposal are motors last model, with all the necessary equipment and a great comfort so that you enjoy the maximum during all the year, but especially in the time of summer.
Your best option in Charter in Mallorca.


The boats

The excursions can last from half a day to a day, and it is even possible to extend them up to a week, so that you can visit more magical corners of the Balearic island. You choose the option that interests you most. Need a Boat boats has several lengths, between 20 feet (7 meters) and 55 feet (17 meters), powerful engines and authentically luxurious interiors. In this way, you can always find one that suits you and your guests.

Holiday in Mallorca

With Need a Boat you guarantee that your holiday in Mallorca will be unforgettable. And, when you deliver the boat, you’ll be thinking of renting it again next year to continue enjoying the freedom of the sea.

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Simple, Mallorca is a paradise, it has corners that you can only discover in boats, sunsets that can only be appreciated from the sea. Every corner of Mallorca is a wonderful surprise that is worth knowing and in Need a Boat Calvia, we want you to make of your experience an unforgettable adventure that makes Mallorca become your favorite destination and we in your friends in Calvia. We want to give these people of confidence the task of making an unforgettable trip for you and your friends. We like to do things well and take care of our customers to the detail, we offer a Premium service for all our clients.

Renting a boat in Mallorca is an experience, but renting a boat in Mallorca with us is an authentic wonder, an experience that you will want to repeat. And we are delighted to make your stay in Majorca a wonder!

In the end life isn’t about the days, its about the memories. The time isn’t measures in days but moments. That is why we want your time in Mallorca to be full of unforgettable moments. In Need a Boat we want every moment to be special. We have boats to rent any day, any date, hours that are even days. We have all kinds of packages and boats with or without patron, to live a wonderful experience at a price more than economic, and thus discover its more than 300 beaches that have made the island of Mallorca an authentic paradise for addiction. Because we do not want you to adapt to us, we want to adapt to a luxury vacation. We adapt to each client to offer a VIP service for all who are encouraged to rent a boat in Mallorca.

Make that day unique and unforgettable. Give a unique experience to that special person, make him never forget that moment. Make that bond that binds you to be eternal. Give an attraction from the sea, accompanied by a catering and a glass of wine. Forget the world and stop time for a moment, to make that day something of yours. No better gift than a boat trip, any celebration on the high seas is something you will never forget. Rent your boat in Mallorca and give an unforgettable moment at a super economic price

In Need a Boat as a company we offer more than just a boat rental in Mallorca, we take care of every detail service .. We guarantee the attention and the service that you deserve. Because our passion is to take care of our customers and to make them enjoy to the maximum as we do in each experience with Need a Boat. In our prices are included all the services that you need for the experience to be complete and enjoy a day 5 stars.

We have several boats so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You can also ask for any service, catering, snack bar, drinks … So you do not have to worry about anything other than enjoy the sea breeze, views and the company.

We offer a 5 star service because our clients don’t deserve less.

If Mallorca is beautiful from the island, from the sea is a real pass. You already know what they say sometimes you have to walk away so you can admire what you have to give. And so is our little piece of paradise.

In the north and northwest you will find incredible cliffs and spectacular coves that are inaccessible by road, so accessing it by boat is a privilege. In addition the rest of the island we will find corners still virgin, beaches of white sand and landscapes that can only be admired from the sea.

In addition to renting a boat in Mallorca is wonderful for snorkeling or diving for the experimenters. If the terrestrial landscape has fascinated you, discover the underwater landscape of the island will make you fall in love with Mallorca and its corners. In addition to snorkeling is a unique experience that really is unique and fun when you move away from the shore and you see the marine nature in its totality without alterations.

Renting boats in Mallorca is the perfect plan. Rent your boat with Need a Boat and cross the coves and cliffs, bathe in the high seas, discover the underwater world with the snorkeling equipment, enjoy a gourmet experience on board, break the waves and let the sea breeze transport you to another place. Enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

Yes, it sounds beautiful, and it is. And as we have already told you, in a wonderful moment that at Need a Boat we want it to be available to all and that is why our prices are so competitive. Remember also that in the season of autumn and winter prices are much more economical and in Mallorca is always ideal and very smooth. That is why we rent a boat in Majorca in any of our base ports, it is no problem, since on the island all times are good and we all enjoy sunny days and good weather.

Rent a boat in Mallorca and enjoy a day that you will never forget. In Need a Boat we are at your complete disposal, if you want to know more about our boats, prices, service or simply that we inform you a little more do not hesitate to contact us. We have a close relationship with all our clients and always ready to help or resolve any doubts. We wait for you in Calvia so that you decide to treat yourself.

No need to have a reason to give you a break. If you just need to breath, relax, have a moment for you, get out of the rut for a moment Just call us! We are specialists in escape routes heading to paradise. You deserve a break and we are the best at offering unique breaths. Rent a boat in Mallorca with Need a Boat and enjoy your moment.

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